Cathak Garel Faras


Faras’s Character Sheet

Faras’s Charm List


  • Great Sword
    • Speed +0 | Acc +2 | Dmg +6L | Def -1
  • Jade Breastplate (Artifact 1)
    • Soak 6L/4B | Mob Pnlty -0 | Fatigue 0 | Commit 2
  • Tobias (Henchman 1)
    • Tobias is Faras’s closest servant. When the pirate horde attacked his home, Faras made sure to rouse Tobias out of bed and spare his life. He has been training Tobias in the way of swordsmanship for a few years, and the sixteen year old boy idolizes everything that he does.

Faras was once a renowned military leader for The Realm. Many years ago he led soldiers in battle against the Fair Folk in the southern lands of Creation. There he and his men faced fire demons amidst the mountainous landscape. After gaining glory in battle, he retired back to The Realm and took an interest in war history and writing poetry.

Only a few seasons ago, Faras’s lavish manse on one of The Blessed Isle’s southwestern islands was attacked by a group of pirates. Living with only minimal servants, he was unable to defend his keep and was forced to flee. He left behind much of his riches and weapons. A member of House Regara offered Faras monetary and military help in exchange for dealing with a certain pest that has murdered a member of their own house.

Cathak Garel Faras

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