Cynis Wisel Anastasia


Anastasia’s Character Sheet

Anastasia’s Charm List


  • Hearthstone Amulet (Artifact 1)
    • Gem of Seduction (Manse 2) – Seem more attractive to others. Grants +3 dice to seduction rolls & +1 dice to other appearance rolls.
  • Jade Daiklave (Artifact 2)
    • Spd +6 | Acc +2 | Dmg +5L | Def +2
  • Jade Breastplate (Artifact 1)
    • Soak 6L/4B | Mobility Penalty -0 | Fatigue 0 | Commit 2
  • Buster (Henchman 1)
    • Her personal “companion” and slave that she uses to whatever advantage she needs. He gets his hands dirty in situations Anastasia cares not be bothered.

Anastasia is one of many slave traders within House Cynis, yet she stands out for her methods. She specializes in sex slavery, and she is not shy to use manipulation in order to make a deal. Her latest transaction did not go as planned, and the potential buyer turned out to be a vigilante looking for justice for those enslaved. To make a long story short, the man posing as a slave owner released a substantial profit before Anastasia ever realized.

Now she owes a large amount of debts to brokers from House Regara to pay for her habits. Fearing for her safety, she nearly fled The Realm, but a member of House Regara worked out a deal. If she brings back the head of a certain Anathema, her debts are paid off. Also, she has taken interest in a certain short man by the name of Pebble. There are people that will pay good money for his “companionship.”

Cynis Wisel Anastasia

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