"Pebble" Mnemon Darrow Ryote


Pebble’s Character Sheet

Pebble’s Charm List


  • Jade Knives of Returning (Artifact 1 [x2])
    • Speed +3 | Acc +1 | Dmg +2L | Rate 3 | Range 15 | Commit 2 each (4)
    • When thrown, they return with the expenditure of one mote of essence.
  • Hearthstone Bracers (Artifact 2)
    • Add +2 to your initiative. Commits 4 essence.
    • The Freedom Stone (Manse 3) – The bearer can never be physically restrained.
  • Buff Jacket
    • Soak 3L/4B | Mobility Penalty -1 | Fatigue 2

Pebble was born Ryote of House Mnemon. Things seemed bright for Ryote as he was from one of the most prominent of Dragon Blooded houses. Things changed when the other youths grew up to be strong adults and Ryote’s body remained far more childlike with squat, thin limbs and legs. His short stature earned him both the nickname Pebble and the disapproval of his family.

Severely mocked his whole life, Pebble was outcast both socially and physically from the rest of his House. His own parents sent him out on fools’ errands in hopes he would never return. Sadly, he always managed to make it back in one piece, which angered the House elders. Hearing of the plight of House Regara and owning them a favor, they sent Pebble with a group of Dragon Blooded to investigate.

"Pebble" Mnemon Darrow Ryote

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