V'neef Aliset Flora


Flora’s Character Sheet

Flora’s Charm List


  • Self Bow
    • Speed +0 | Acc +0 | Dmg +1L | Rate 2 | Range 150
  • Hearthstone Amulet (Artifact 1)
    • Stone of the Hunt (Manse 1) – Gives +2 dice to any roll to hunt, tame, or understand animals.
  • Good Luck Charm (Artifact 1)
    • Once per session, protects from the negative effect of a botched roll.
  • Jade Reinforced Buff Jacket (Artifact 2)
    • Soak 7L/10B | Mob Pnlty -1 | Fatigue 0 | Commit 3
  • Shaelyn (Familiar 4)
    • Flora’s best friend is a hawk familiar with the intelligence of an eight year old child. They can share senses and can communicate almost perfectly.

Flora grew up in one of the more prominent V’neef Houses, yet from the start she showed signs of wanting something different out of life. Schooling bored her to tears. She would often skip lessons with her tutor to run off and explore the wilderness. Her family tried to straighten her out, but she refused to be a full part of society. Even by her teenage years, her parents have yet to completely give up. They offer her freedom, but they also hope to set her up with a respectable suitor. Perhaps all she needs is a man to change her ways.

Unlike other girls her age, who enjoyed courting potential husbands, Flora spent her time with her best friend Shaelyn, her hawk companion. Her only other real friend is a Dragon Blooded known by most as Pebble. Pebble tells Flora that he’s being forced to track down an Anathema, and she decides to tag along to keep him company and protect him in case the other people get any bad ideas.

V'neef Aliset Flora

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